Baron Ferdinand's Challenge

183 Amazing Objects. 6 Fun Challenges.
One kooky collector and his helpful poodle.

Do you have what it takes to become a great collector?


Coming soon to Android

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A sparkling, glittering, dramatically lit treasury, where these wonders can be properly enjoyed.

  —The Guardian
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Become a collector

Join the Baron on a treasure hunt through the British Museum. Along the way discover holy relics, mythical beasts, golden treasures and mechanical wonders.

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Explore the treasures

Discover the stories behind each item, how they were made and what makes them so valuable. Reorder the entire collection by age, height or “weirdness” to find the most unusual items. 

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Complete the challenges

Can you spot the details hidden within Baron Ferdinand’s treasures? Match the object to their silhouette or try crafting your own weird and wonderful creations.

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Watch the Objects come to life

You will see that amazing items can come from some very unlikely places. Collect the right ones to unlock colourful animations and reveal surprising facts. 

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